Inspections Checklist

For Use and Occupancy Certifications

These are the most often items checked for Code Compliance 
  1. Service Cable and Meter socket needs to be in good condition and firmly attached to building.
  2. Breaker Distribution Panel should have no open unused breaker slots, or unplugged openings in top, bottom or sides of panel. Wiring sizing must match breaker amperage, and no double taps on breakers. Panel is required to be grounded with a cold water pipe ground, water meter bonding jumper, and an 8’ ground rod.
  3. Receptacle Outlets must be Ground Fault Protected (GFCI), when located in Bathrooms, Kitchen countertops, in Sheds, Laundry areas within 6 feet of a soaking tub, and in unfinished garages or storage sheds. Outdoor receptacle outlets need have weather covers, in addition to GFCI Protection.
  4. All junction boxes need have covers, and no exposed wiring.
  5. Lighting outlet fixtures need be securely fastened.
  6. Switches and Receptacle outlets need have cover plates attached. 3 prong grounded-type receptacles must have equipment ground connected.
  7. Natural Gas piping need be bonded and grounded to electrical ground.
  8. Swimming pools, hot tubs require GFCI Circuit protection..
  9. Any other conditions which may present a hazard or not in compliance with applicable UCC codes.

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